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The pinnacle level where all swimmers should aim for!

In this group, swimmers will be expected to understand interval training and will learn how to train at different effort levels, speeds and energy systems. There will also be a greater emphasis on race strategies. While the Imperial programme is designed to train swimmers from 13 years onwards, not all swimmers will train together. The groups are based on age-group classification and training needs. The Imperials are exposed to a heavy training regime which encompasses further development of the energy systems, specialised programmes, highly intensive strength and conditioning work, and profound nutrition plans.

The Imperials represent the final step in the AquaTech age group programme.  They are passionate and committed swimmers aiming to create success in the pool driven by our 4 core values: Passion, Growth, Balance, and Excellence.

At AquaTech, we are proud to have produced champions who have represented Singapore in various International and Regional Competitions.